Leak Detection

San Jose Leak Detection

Hidden leaks will spike a water bill! If you notice that your bill is higher than normal, you need to find the cause of the leak right away. 

Platinum Rooter & Plumbing Inc., specializes in leak detection. Leaks inside or outside of your home not only raise your water bill, but they can also cause damage to your home! 

For example, a slab leak is water leaking under your home. It can eventually penetrate through the slab and through the floors of the home. Carpet, hardwood, tiles, etc. can and will be damaged. Slab leaks are when a pipe under the foundation of a property breaks causing a continuous flow of water under the slab. The faster the leak is found, the better it is for the customer and their water bill!

What causes water leaks in the first place? 

Old pipes that crack slowly over time cause most of the water leak issues in homes. A tiny crack in a pipe may not leak at first, and won't be a constant leak, but you may hear a drip here and there. This is often not enough to be heard or seen, but it can create serious damage, nonetheless.

Another cause of a water line leak is a clog. If you are overusing your pipes and drains, or they are blocked, you could stress your pipes to the point of breaking or leaking. This happens because water should be able to flow freely through your pipes. When there is something obstructing this flow, it will create unnecessary pressure. 

Similarly, the age of your plumbing system can also play a factor in leaks. As pipes and water lines age, they slowly deteriorate, result in small cracks and holes in the pipe. These little leaks can eventually cause significant damage to your home and belongings.

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